Problems with Your Garage Doors

The garage door is opened and closed a number of times each day. But what happens when opening and closing become hard, or it gets completely stuck or starts creating loud sounds then something needs to be fixed in it. There are several types of garage doors and also there are many types of common garage door problems which may encounter the garage door. Visit here to get more details about a few of them.

Garage door opener fails to function: It could be the fault of the drive motor or the electrical circuit which controlling the garage door such as, safety sensors and remote control device. The electric garage door opener is best fixed by a professional technician who has experience in fixing the malfunctioning garage door opener and will be able to diagnose the fault and offer the right solution.

Bent garage door: sometimes garage door gets bent through a strong hit of a car or someone trying to close it in the wrong way. Depending on the nature of the damages, it may be possible to fix it by simply straighten up the panels or replacing the damaged panels so that your garage door will be as good as new.

The failed operating mechanism of the garage door: The weight of the garage door is counterbalanced by torsion springs. Due to the frequent garage door operations, torsion springs may lose their stress or eventually break out.

Garage door spring replacement can be dangerous if not handled properly. It should be left to the professional garage door experts. Broken garage door springs should be replaced to provide the right tension to a garage door. Cables are also used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Frayed and broken cables should be replaced to make the garage door move easily again.  

Garage door stuck on its tracks: Garage doors have rollers to run on metal tracks as they go up and down. However, if the rollers become rusted or worn out and tracks become clogged then the garage door will not function smoothly. Often a good lubrication work will help you to fix the issue. Rollers need to be lubricated to keep them working smoothly.