How to Conduct a Garage Door Repair

Before fixing the garage door, it is important to understand its mechanism. This rule is not only applied to a garage door, but any type of mechanical equipment also has a tendency to break with frequent use. The garage door tends to create issues after some time. Thus it needs regular maintenance and periodical repairs. Click here for the brief guide that will explain the procedure of conducting garage door repair.

Understand the working of garage door

There are two important components of the garage door. One is the garage door opener and the other is the garage door spring that helps the garage door to open and close. Most of the problems that crop up with the garage door are because either one or two of the components is not working.  

Garage door repair techniques

Overhead and roller garage doors are created with tension garage door springs. Special metal tracks are mounted on the top of the garage door. These tracks help the garage door to move upward and downward. If the garage door starts making so many noises or not functioning properly, there is a possibility that the problem lies with the garage door tracks. Here is a list of problems that may encounter while conducting garage door repair.

  • If the garage door opens without command, it means that garage door springs are too tight for the frame. Make sure that you have mounted the right size of garage door springs. To avoid this situation, don’t use the springs that are too strong for the door.
  • If the garage door falls immediately after releasing, it should remain constant even when it is closing. If it falls, there may be a loose spring behind it. Check the springs, replace them with newer and better, if needed.
  • If the garage door is getting stuck while opening or closing, poor lubrication will be a cause behind it. As a part of regular maintenance, apply lubrication oil on the rollers and hinges at least twice a month. It will make your garage door smoother to operate and prevent it from unwanted noises.
  • Its garage door is not performed correctly. A malfunctioning garage door opener will because of the rough operations of the garage door. It is suggested that check the batteries of the garage door opener first, before attempting something drastic. If the opener is really bad, you have to change the opener to make a garage door functional again.

There are several reasons, why your garage door might be malfunctioning. To avoid the major damages, it is good to inspect the door on a regular basis and implement necessary maintenance. If the matter got worst, it is recommended that call a professional who can handle this job against an affordable cost.

Always make sure that your garage door is functioning well for the safety of your vehicle and family. If the problem looks too hard to fix, there is an option to replace the garage door with the new one. For the garage door replacement, it is also advised to hire a professional technician to perform this job for you.